What Our Customers Are Saying

Impressive savings of $860–$1,500 per prescription

Just a note to let you know how pleased my clients and I have been with your prescription compound medication cost-savings program. In each case, the claimant or prescribing physician sent the Rx directly to a compounding pharmacy, which claimed their fees were below the AWP. However, when engaging your program in these cases, additional savings were delivered that have averaged an impressive savings of $860 – $1,500 per prescription. I appreciate that I can always count on Sunrise Medical Solutions to come up with new ways to save my clients money.

SunriseRx is quick and efficient and has helped save up to $2,200

SunriseRx is quick and efficient and has helped me save up to $2,200 for my clients on a single medication. I consistently find SunriseRx rates to be considerably less expensive than local compounding pharmacies, and unlike other providers, SunriseRx contacts the patient to make sure that the medication is working well, which is an added bonus.

Making compounded medications more affordable

Prescription costs have become such an issue in today’s workers compensation industry, and it is so nice to have a company that is making compounded medications more affordable. This allows the injured workers to get the care that they need at a lower cost to the employer.

Great customer service at an affordable price

I highly recommend SunriseRx to anyone who is looking to experience great customer service at an affordable price.

Sunrise is a long-term solution to any claims office

Since its inception, Sunrise Medical Solutions has played a big role in our claims process. We handle claims in a 10-state area, so Sunrise’s ability to work them is essential to us. The quality of the products they provide, along with the affordable prices, make using Sunrise a long-term solution to any claims office! I highly recommend Sunrise Medical Solutions to everyone!

Excellent customized service on large loss cases

Excellent customized service on large loss cases. Mr. Adkins personally traveled to a paraplegic’s residence in Georgia to coordinate his monthly medical supply needs with the home care professionals to ensure the accuracy of orders and comfort of my patient. I have never had this type of service before.

Sunrise has consistently beat the prices of competitors

We have been using Sunrise since its inception with great results. I have a requirement in my office that when an order comes through my staff must obtain three quotes from separate vendors and award the referral to the lowest quote. In most of our cases I see a trend that Sunrise has consistently beat the prices of competitors. It’s also important to note that while pricing is very important to us, we take great pride in the service received by the injured worker and the client. Our largest client handled out of our office is the Georgia School Board Association, and public perception is very important us.
One service that I think separates Sunrise from the rest is that you receive a personal touch that you may not always receive from some of the larger vendors out there. For example, on a Friday night I received a call after hours from an upset injured worker indicating that she had not received a wrist brace that was referred to another vendor. The cost of the brace was under $50.00 and since it was after hours I was unable to get in touch with the vendor who was supposed to provide the brace. I knew that Brian Adkins with Sunrise had given me his cell phone number, so I gave him a call and he was able to contact the injured worker that night to assure her he would be taking care of it. Brian was able to negotiate with a local provider the next day and the injured worker was able to get her brace. It’s that kind of personal service that you will receive knowing someone will always be at your disposal.